EE1601D Pink electronic hearing protection ear muff for women

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Item No.:EE1601D Pink electronic hearing protection ear muff for women


NRR 21dB

Slim shell side down for shouldering guns

Amplification: 6 times

Recommend application:

female hunters,female shooters


Details of EE1601D Pink electronic hearing protection ear muff for women

A professional electronic hearing protector earmuff with outstanding features for shooters and hunters:

1. It can block  impulse noise from out side and minimises the risk of hazardous noise reaches to your ear and keep your hearing staying at a safe level— Noise Reduction Rate 21dB

2. It can help you  hear weak but important sounds and allow you to focus on specific sound then identify  the sound direction at same time proofing lound sounds—Two independent high frequency directional microphones offer 6 times amplification

3. Cut off immediately once detects ambient exceeding 82dB to stop harmful impulse —  Independent and sensitive electronic circuit

4. Small,compact and foldable  design to allow user take along conveniently and  more easy—When folded,our earmuff is transformed into a ball shape

5. Light weight offers comfort wear for long periods— 230 gram only

6. Provides further improve communication—3.5mm audio input jack to connect with walkie-talkie,cell phone…

7.Powered by 4 AAA batteries with over 200 hours lifetime

8.Padded ear cushion offers soft wear

9.Durable enough for use —Stainless steel strip and strong ABS cups

9.Fits for all head sizes—adjustable headband


Attenuation Data:

Frequency HZ 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000
Mean Attenuation(dB). 1.0 15.5 22.2 24.6 33.7 32.4 29 39 39.3
Standard Deviation(dB) 4.3 2.5 2.6 2.6 3.7 2.9 1.9 3.6 3.3





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