CE approval product-GE680

The hearing protector is equipped with a POM plastic headband and foam filled in leather cushions. This hearing protector is intended to protect the wearer from hazardous noise levels when fitted in accordance with these user instructions. Any other uses are not intended and therefore not allowed.

A. Wear and adjust

1. Unfold the ear muff by holding the headband with one hand and pulling both cups down with the other hand.

2. Extend the headband to put the ear muff over wearer’ s head and place the cups on ears. Pull the cups outward and position over wearer’s ears so that they fully enclose the ear and seal tightly against the head.

3. Adjust the headband and cups into a comfortable position.

4. To get higher performance, we suggest no block such as hairs, glasses or ear rings between the cups and wearer ’s head to keep the ear cushions seal firmly against your head. Use of perspiration / hygienic protection over the sealing rings can reduce the noise attenuation properties.

5. Put the ear muff on before exposing the wearer to load noises and wear it during the whole noise exposure. Failure to do so may lead to serious injury.

B. Storage and Maintenance

1.Store the EAR MUFF in a cool, dry place before and after use. Retain original packing for protecting the ear muff during transport

2. Routinely wash the EAR MUFF as necessary e with mild soap. For disinfection use 50% solution of Propyl Alcohol in water(“Rubbing Alcohol”) to wipe the ear muff. Allow to dry naturally.

3.This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Further information should be sought from the manufacturer.

4. This product should be inspected regularly for serviceability.

5. Earmuffs, and in particular cushions, may deteriorate with use and should be examined at frequent intervals for cracking and leakage.

6. expiration date: After 3 years

C. Change of hygiene kit / accessories and spare parts

The hygiene kits are self-adhesive ear cushions, can be removed by hands easily:

Step 1:Hold the ear cups and use your fingers to remove old ear cushion like the photo shows(see picture 1), and then pull it away

Step 2:Remove the tape of the new ear cushion to expose the self-adhesive face

Step 3:Place the side of the new ear cushion with self-adhesive in the right positions where there is the red circle as the photo shows(see picture 2)

Step 3:Press the new ear cushion to stick it on the plastic house.

All replaceable hygiene kits or accessories and spare parts should be ordered from original manufacturer, to gain the best performance.


D. Technical data:SNR 25dB

size: S, M, L     weight: 211 g

Tested and Certified by: PZT GmbH, Bismarckstraße 264 B, D-26389 Wilhelmshaven, Germany

. When applicable, the product can work with ear plugs to gain more noise reduction.

E. This EAR MUFF is used as personal protection equipment of harmful noise under Category ,III

F. The warranty of this EAR MUFF and its components is no more than 3 years.

G. Paper box is recommended to be the inner package of this EAR MUFF for transport

H. The significance of this EAR MUFF is EN 352-1:2002 CE 1974

I. This EAR MUFF is designed to protection wear’s hearing in specific conditio

J. Hereby Ningbo Beilun Gillsen Electronic Co. Ltd declares, that the hearing protector Gillsen GE 680 is in compliance with the PPE regulation EU 2016/425 to fullfil the requirements of CE marking.

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