Today is 22nd,December ,one of the traditional 24 Solar Terms in China.(the 24 solar terms including Spring Begins, The rains, Insects awaken, Vernal equinox, Clear and bright, Grain rain, Summer begins, Grain buds, Grain in ear, Summer solstice, Slight heat, Autumn begins, Stopping the heat, White dews, Autumnal equinox, Cold dews , Hoar-frost falls, Winter begins, Light snow, Heavy snow, Winter solstice, Slight cold, Great cold).Now we are talking about  the Winter Solstice.

Why The Ancestor made today as the Winter Solstice?

When the sun move to south day by day, the day time in North will become shorter and shorter, the weather becomes colder and colder. Eventually the longest night of this year is 22ed,Decmeber was fixed as Winter Solstice. Chinese people will do something special today to celebrate the Winter Solstice. In northern of China, people have  dumplings on table and they eat glue puddings in southern of China normally.

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Post time: Dec-22-2017
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