Why an electronic ear muff needed when hunting?

Why the electronic hearing protection ear muff needed when hunting?

Before talking about the reason, we’d like to introduce the working way of the electronic ear muffs.

They can enhance low level sound but meanwhile blocking the noise to guard your ears from harms.

Normally ,there are two systems in market:

Peaking cutting  off: The unit will stop enhancement if the sound in ear is 85dB

Peaking compressing: The unit will keep the sound in ear around 85dB always. Over 85dB the noise may damage your hearing, nd if staying the circumastance over 85dB in long time, you may loss some hearing.

Most of the time the Gun shot is over 100dB,it will be a big threaten for hunters and shooters however when hunting ,hunters wish to hear more glues on animals to help hunt.So,that’s why the electronic ear muffs to be recommended in hunting.

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Post time: Jan-04-2018
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