Outdoor multi-functional fish bag key chain umbrella line fishing set key chain

Short Description:

  • name: Outdoor multi-functional umbrella rope fish bag
  • Brand: others
  • Specification: 6.9 * 5.7 * 2.1 cm
  • Origin: Zhejiang china
  • Product category: survival tool
  • Main sales area: southeast Asia, northeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America
  • Licensed private brands: no
  • Cross-border sourcing: yes
  • Product Detail

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    [name] : outdoor multi-functional fish bag key chain umbrella string fishing set key chain

    [weight] : 48 grams

    [color] : black, army green, khaki, camouflage, etc

    [size] : 6.9*5.8cm

    [Specification]: diameter 4mm,7 cores

    [ characteristics ] : with flint blade, fishing tools

    Wilderness exploration, especially to explore the mysterious areas never set foot before, perhaps will face the test of “life or death”, at this time, an emergency equipment has become one of the essential supplies for adventure lovers.This nylon wire is a lifesaver with flint on the wrist, providing you with survival and heating tools when you run out of ammunition and food.It doesn’t matter if you carry it around on a daily basis, and it may be helpful at some crucial moment

    When necessary, it can be taken apart and used as a piece of rope.In case of emergency, it can stop bleeding, make traps, tie up temporary tents, wear a set of equipment to prevent loss and other functions. It can be used for emergency help!Umbrella rope diameter 4 mm, single rope pull in 220 jin.The length of the cord is 4.8 meters.

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